5 of the top British brands on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social platforms – it now boasts over 500 million active users every month! Not bad for a company that was formed in 2010 and was famed for constantly crashing in its early days. But thanks to flattering filters and ever evolving features (hello Instagram Stories!), it’s become one of the most popular channels for individuals and businesses alike.

I am a big lover of Instagram – both personally and professionally. It’s fantastic platform to engage with your customers and prospects in a more visual way. Pictures tell a thousand words, and Instagram can help you add another dimension to your communications.

In 2017, the kind of brands that are topping the Instagram board in terms of following and engagement tend to be fashion and tech companies.

So, who are my top ten British Instagram brands?

1. Burberry – 8.7 million followers

Burberry do a fantastic job of engaging their followers. Their photos all have a very glossy, high-end feel to them. This is obviously the style their followers appreciate – those who might be into fashion and learning about this iconic British company. They add frames to their photos which gives them a portrait or landscape style. As well as making their own feed look great, this helps them stand out in the Instagram streams of their followers.


2. Primark – 4 million followers

Another brand in the fashion industry, Primark is leading the pack when it comes to high street retailers utilising Instagram to connect with their customer base. Their feed strongly features a number of beautiful flatlays; showcasing their latest products wonderfully. They also do an amazing job of featuring their own customer’s images by reposting some of the high quality selfies that get taken.


3. Landrover – 2.2 million followers

If you didn’t want a Landrover before, you’ll soon want one after spending some time on their Instagram page. All their photos showcase their vehicles in a range of countries and situations. Showing how beautiful and versatile the Landrover still is.


4. BBC News – 3.2 million followers

Showing that people now want to digest their news in formats other than traditional media and websites, the BBC News Instagram feed gathers pace, whilst sales of newspapers decline. The BBC focuses on posting videos predominantly, giving their viewers a short and to the point summary of key news items.


5. Bentley – 3 million followers

Another car brand doing a great job on Instagram. Bentley has a greater focus on the interior of its cars than Landrover does, which helps distinguish their Instagram feed from other major competitors. Another tool Bentley uses is the split image – taking one photo and splitting it into two, or often nine, separate Instagram posts to create a stunning display.

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