Blogging Trends for 2017

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It’s been predicted that blogging with continue to grow in 2017, with B2B businesses being the largest area of blogging growth. However, just because you’re writing a blog, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be read. So many blogs fail to stand out from the crowd – fading into the background among all the other dull blogs in their industry. So what can you do to try and increase the readership of your blog?

Well firstly to have to make sure you create a blog worth following. Make it interesting, engaging and mobile friendly. I’ve scoured the web to find the top predicted blogging trends for 2017 – it’s up to you to implement them and make yours a winning blog!

1. Engagement

Readers of your blog are now looking for a more personal, intimate human experience. Your blog posts have to read well, with a natural tone and flow. Make sure you use humour where relevant and post articles that are interesting and relevant. If people comment on your blogs (be it on your actual blog post or on social media where you may be sharing it), make sure you follow it up with a relevant (not cut and pasted) response.

2. Videos

Videos are going to continue to grow in popularity in 2017. As mentioned below, you could include recorded live-stream videos, as well as other videos such as how to’s, guides, interviews, tours, webinars, thought leadership and more.

3. Live Streaming

Live streaming is going to be huge! Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or YouTube you can now reach your audience in a way like never before. Make sure you save your videos and host them on your website to show visitors what they may have missed. People love to see behind the scenes tours of your businesses, interviews with employees or business leaders, talks about news items that are relevant to your industry, announcements of special offers and new products. The list is really endless! Be sure to take advantage of apps that let you live stream directly from your blog.

4. Awesome Content

Not really a new trend as it’s always been the backbone of a good blog – but make sure you always post great content! This is what will keep your visitors coming back for more. One fantastic post is worth 10 rubbish ones. It’ll get read, shared and discussed… and hopefully get you more clients and sales! You need to show how unique you are, position yourself as a thought leader and post content that adds value to your industry.

5. The Rise of the Influencer

People will stop referring to themselves as ‘bloggers’ in 2017, and will instead call themselves ‘Influencers’. Not everyone is going to be as influencing as they’d like, so make sure when you reach out to someone you think could help boost your business, that their ‘influence’ actually stacks up! Look for readership and engagement levels, social media reach and ask for information/case studies relating to work they’ve done with other companies in your industry.

6. Size Matters!

Come on… take your mind outta the gutter! The size of your posts matter. Research showed that in 2016 the average post size was up by 19% compared to 2015 at a whopping 1050 words. And the percentage of posts that were 500 words or less is half what it was in 2013. So the trend for longer, more researched blog posts is definitely growing and will continue in 2017.

7. The End of Comments

You’ll see that you can’t comment on SMEketing’s blog posts. I took comments off a few years ago – mainly due to the amount of spam I was getting! I also made the decision to remove comments from my blog at about the same time as some other high profile blogs did the same. They chose to remove comments mainly because there were just too many and the comments were taking up too much space. Another key reason for removing comments on blogs is that the blog isn’t where we want to be having engaging discussions with our readers; that’s what our social feeds are for. The conversations will continue… just on another platform.

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Blogging Trends for 2017

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It's been predicted that blogging with continue to grow in 2017, with B2B businesses being the largest area of blogging growth. However, just because you're writing a blog, it doesn't...
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