Find Website Errors Using Google Webmaster Reports

By December 18, 2012Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster reports are vital for anyone serious about online marketing. This free tool tells you how your website is working in the eyes of Google.

Sometimes things go wrong with your website that you may not be aware of. Errors can develop that could affect the way that it performs for Google and can have a negative impact on its rankings in the search engine.

These errors can be caused by a wide range of reasons – such as too many visitors overloading the server, technical issues with the site, or technical issues with the server itself. These issues could case your site to stop working, to load slowly, or to just not run as efficiently as possible. These errors are going to have a negative impact on both the visitor experience and your position with Google.

By logging into your Google Webmaster account, you can see a full set of error reports. Google recently updated the list of reports and shows the breakdown of any errors for the last 90 days. It has broken down the three categories (DNS, server connectivity and robots.txt fetch) into more specific error categories to help you get a better understanding of th errors your site might be posting.

Below is a screenshot of an example report:

If you’re not sure of what any of the errors mean, you can hover over the error name and Google will explain what the issue is, with a link to more help on a Google Help page.

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