How Twitter Can Boost Your SEO & Website Traffic

Google has been quite vocal in telling people that social signals are no being used more and more when deciding the value and relevance of your website in the search results. This is happening because the traditional signals of inbounds links and on-page keyword volume have now been spammed and abused to death!

So Google have been looking for other indicators to learn more about the relevance of websites. The rise in the popularity of social media sites combines well with Google’s desire to implement another method of tracking the trust of your website.

So if you’re not already making use of any of the popular social media sites (such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube etc), then you really should start considering it. If you’re making the effort to create high quality, relevant content on your website, then social media sites are a fanstatic way to share it – and hopefully others on these sites will be willing to read it and pass it on to their social network.

It can be difficult to establish exactly how much Twitter and social sharing of your conetne helps your SEO, but we’ve seen web pages that have been shared on Google ranking much higher than those that haven’t.

So consider spending some time thinking about the social networks that best match your company. If you need any further advice, try reading some of our past blog posts on the subject:

Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO spokesperson, created a video back in December 2010 that explained how they use social signals. This is now over two years old, so it can be safely assumed that the role social factors are playing in SEO has been growing as the popularity of these sites increase.

And remember, we can get you up and running on any of the major social media platforms and then continue to manage them for you on a monthly basis. Get in touch for a quick and no fuss quote!