Is the New iPhone 5 a Useful Small Business Tool?

So, the iPhone 5 was announced this week and is due to be launched on the 21st September. Unlike in the past, most of the leaks/rumours surrounding this new iPhone were spot on (what would Steve Jobs, the ultimate lover of surprise, say?).

The new iPhone is thinner yet bigger, faster (compatible with EverythingEverywhere’s 4G) and more powerful than any other iPhone. It’s easy to get caught up in the media frenzy of a new iPhone launch, but is it really worth the cost of an upgrade? Will it add value to your small business?

The key business benefit will undoubtedly be the 4G LTE support. With ultrafast 4G broadband about to come to the UK from EE, the iPhone 5 has come just at the right time. This might be extremely useful for anyone wanting to manage any data intensive tasks on the go.

Another new improvement is the extension of the battery life. With iPhone batteries generally rarely lasting more than a day (of regular use), ensuring the battery isn’t going to die mid-meeting is an important feature. The new iPhone comes with eight hours of talk time (crikey – eight hours of talking is one looooong conference call!).

However, the main drawback is the price. If you want to take advantage of 4G, you’ll need to sign up to either Orange or T-Mobile. Taking Orange as an example, a 32gb iPhone 5, on a tariff with no data limits (why limit your data if you’ve got 4G?) will set you back £51 a month, plus an inital upfront payment of  £39.99. Is that something you’re willing to pay for – a total of £1263.99 over 24 months.

You might want to consider an iPhone 4S, which has already come down in price. And although it’s not as big, thin or fast as the iPhone 5, it’s still an amazing phone. Or the Samsung Galaxy S III – the recent court case between Apple and Samsung has only highlighted how brilliant the Galaxy range of phones are. They’re definitely worth considering when making your next smartphone purchase.

What do you think? Will you be forking out for the new iPhone 5?



We couldn’t help but share this rather amusing video. If you can’t even tell the difference between the new iPhone and the 4S, you might as well save yourself some money and just stick with the old model!

Even though the iPhone 5 has not yet entered the wild, Jimmy Kimmel gave random people on the street the opportunity to test the gadget out to see how it compares to its predecessor.

The catch? The supposed iPhone 5 he asked people to review was actually the 4S, and no one had a clue.

Reviewers decided the iPhone 4S was brighter, lighter, heavier, thinner, and faster…than the iPhone 4S.