Why use WordPress for your business website?

By May 31, 2017Websites, Wordpress
Why use WordPress for your business website?

I love WordPress – it’s such an easy to use, creative, effective tool to build and manage websites with. A lot of people come to me with either an existing website that needs updating, or with a requirement for a brand new website… in both cases, WordPress is what I would use to help you. And here’s why…

WordPress is easy to manage and update

WordPress is such an intuitive tool – if you’re comfortable using Word, then you’ll be able to add new pages, blog posts and edit the content on your WordPress website. I offer a comprehensive training service for anyone who uses SMEketing for their websites, and I’ve never had anyone who hasn’t instantly been comfortable using WordPress.

WordPress works great for both your business and blog

It’s so important that businesses blog nowadays – you need to keep your website fresh and full of useful content, and blogging is the easiest way to do that. WordPress makes it easy to blog and means you can keep your blog fully hosted and integrated on your own website, so all that hard work pays dividends to your overall domain (giving you that vital boost with the search engines).

WordPress plugins mean you don’t need to pay for expensive coders

If you choose to go with a web designer who has their own proprietary CMS (Content Management System), you may find that you have to fork out hundreds of pounds for the most simple of updates and request; need a custom form built.. that’ll be £400 please (yes this has actually happened to one of my non-website clients!). WordPress has hundreds of thousands of plugins that you can quickly and easily install (often for free) to help you with any task you’d like. Want to make sure your website is SEO’d to the max, then install the Yoast SEO plugin. Want to make sure your site is backed up every day? Then install the BackUpBuddy plugin. Everything you need you can get via a plugin. These plugins are also updated on a regular basis, so they’re always using the most secure, search engine friendly code.

WordPress is no newbie

WordPress has been around for over 10 years. It is constantly evolving and updating. So you know your website is future-proof – always secure, always updating.

WordPress is open-source

If you want to take your WordPress to another digital marketing consultant, agency or anyone else, then you are free to do so. WordPress is open-source, which means SMEketing doesn’t own it. You can do with it what you like! You are not tied to SMEkeing – not for updates, edits, hosting or anything. Obviously I’d love for you to remain a client of mine forevever, but with WordPress you don’t have to be (sob!).

WordPress is SEO friendly

Before you’ve even started to manually optimise your site, it’s already winning in the search engines because it’s using WordPress. Matt Cutts (Google’s chief spokesperson for all things SEO) said “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.”… so there you have it from the horse’s mouth!

WordPress is popular

Did you know that over 27% of all the websites in the world are powered by WordPress? If that stat alone isn’t enough to get you on the bandwagon, I don’t know what is!

WordPress is mobile friendly

You have to have a mobile friendly website now – it’s 2017 and everyone uses their phone and/or tablet to search the web. If your site doesn’t display well in different sizes, it’s not going to win any prizes with either your customers or Google. There are still sites using WordPress that aren’t mobile friendly, but they won’t have been build by SMEketing. Any site I build will be full responsive – so you know anyone using any device will have a good experience.

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