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Helping an existing business with their marketing always begins with an analysis of where you are right now. In order to create a marketing strategy that is realistic and effective, I need to know what you’ve done in the past, what your competitors are doing, who your target audience is and better ways reach them.

Many businesses think they just need more advertising, such as Google or Facebook ads. While that’s certainly something I can create and manage for you, in order for you to gain a quality ROI on these activities, it’s important to understand if they are the right activities for you. Having a thorough understanding of your business and its marketplace will help me to ensure I propose the most effective marketing tactics for your organisation.

As part of the consulting service I will:
  • Analyse your past/current marketing activities
  • Create customer personas so we can understand exactly who you are targeting
  • Analyse who the competition is, what they are doing and help you find ways to stand out
  • Undertake a content audit to analyse what is working right now and identify any gaps
  • Create a sales funnel to help bring in leads and nurture them into sales
  • Help you with your website whether it be a site audit or redesign, and review your brand
  • Create a structure within the business
  • Act as the marketing function, or help build a team
  • Provide marketing support across the entire marketing mix
Marketing Audit

I will carry out research into your marketplace to understand the internal and external environment in which you operate. I will also review the services and products that you plan on offering. This will give me a clear understanding of your business, its marketplace and how your goals can be achieved so that an effective marketing plan can be created.

Competitor Review

Gaining an understanding of who your competitors are and what they are doing, will enable me to identify what works, what doesn’t. Understanding this will help us to create strategies that will set you apart from your competitors and help prospective customers understand your USPs and key selling points.

Target Audience Identification

It’s vitally important to have an in-depth understanding of who your customers are. What interests them, what motivates them, where do they go online, how old are they, are they male or female? All of these factors help us to create perceptions that will shape a marketing plan that targets the right people in the right way.

Content Audit

The majority of business starts online. We will work with you to review your content to ensure you are giving the right message to the right people. Effective, relevant content can not only improve user experience and help drive people through the sales funnel, but will also help your website in the search engines.

Sales Funnel Creation

All prospect customers will go through a sales funnel – from awareness, evaluation, purchase and loyalty. I will help you create a funnel that will push prospects through this funnel, no matter what stage they arrive to you at. From email marketing campaigns, to remarketing advertising campaigns on social media and Google and more.

Marketing Plan

I will create a marketing plan based on the research conducted. This will include activities that best suit your business and its marketplace. Recommendations based on your content audit and sales funnel proposal will ensure that all marketing activities suit the growth and promotion objectives of your business.

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